60 years of something good

Toilet flushing is simply grand. I have a Brazilian friend who tells me that flushing is a luxury in outlying areas. Folks who emigrate from third-world countries count the act as something only reserved for the rich. The same goes for the miracle drinkable water flowing into our kitchens. I count myself fortunate that I don’t live in one of those countries where I had to run a marathon to find drinkable water. 

“Sorry. I… uh… guess I drank it. It was hot out there.”  I’d lose that job faster than a jackrabbit on a date.

In our modern world, I thank my lucky stars that there are people like Mark Nielsen and Lon Schluter around to work the details of these present-day amenities. Both gentlemen work for the City of Ida Grove. Nielsen has his license to manage a municipal sewer system. Schluter has a license to manage our municipal water system. Both men have to update their licensure every two years. 

Both men have been through re-licensure 15 times. If you do the math, you know that this means they are 30-year veterans of our city crews, Nielsen came on board Nov. 17, 1986, and Schluter – a pup in comparison – 14 days later, Dec. 1, 1986. Ivan O’Tool was mayor and the council included Earl Pfleeger, Herman Jensen, Lowell Bloemker, Earl Muckey and Ronnie Powell. 

Currently, there are five people on the city maintenance crew: 24-year veteran, Gerrod Sholty who manages our roads; five-year newbie, Bob Lorenzen, parks manager and 15-year man, Kris Taylor, who assists in areas as needed.

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