Everett Wunschel reflects on his lifetime career

Sixty-seven years ago, a young man fresh out of high school started working at Vernus Wunschel’s station in Arthur. A few years later, Vernus had the chance to buy a station in Battle Creek and asked this young man, Everett Wunschel, if he would like to run the one in Arthur.

Everett took over the business: tank wagon, repairs, tires and selling gas through the pumps. The station was located a couple blocks east of the present location of Wunschel’s Service (Angie Arbegast owns the building by Hemer’s Farm Supply).

Everett, or EW, as his wife Judy calls him, took time out of his busy day to reflect on his lifetime career. Everett and Judy are the parents of Lisa, Lyle, Steve and Scott.

Judy says, “EW is open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. six days a week. He rarely takes a vacation or time off to go fishing. He used to open up holiday mornings, even Christmas and Easter years ago.” Everett did say he had taken trips to the Bahamas, Jamaica and a fishing trip years ago.

According to Everett, on day one of his employment, fuel oil was 15-cents per gallon. The lowest price for gas was 30-cents a gallon. He said there were no taxes on gasoline when he started, while today the tax on gas is 47-cents per gallon.

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