Holstein council discusses nuisance properties, ATV/Gator regulations

Tom and Debby Else were present at the Holstein City Council meeting Oct. 2 to discuss concerns regarding the condition of the house at 217 E. Second St., owned by Darrell and Margaret Johnson.

Debby Else said, “I feel we need to address the vacant houses that are un-rentable in our community. I’ve been meeting with Kay (city administrator Kay Hanson) about possible solutions.”

Else asked if Hanson could contact a lawyer and find out if there is a way to fine nuisance violators monthly and, when it hits a certain amount, it goes to court and they either have to fix up the property or sell it.

“These have been standing for years. They take away from our school and VT. We need housing in our community to attract new people. I’m offering my time to do phone calling or whatever else is needed to find a solution. There are three within two blocks of my home,” said Debby.

“We’ve lived in our home 23 years and have had to look at this property for more than 10 years. It’s got a busted water line and it’s chockfull of stuff, making it potentially a fire hazard. We’ve offered to buy the property and tear it down so there is a vacant lot available but been told no,” said Tom.

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