Holstein Town and Country Club celebrates 50-year legacy

Just as a thousand-mile trip begins with a single step, Holstein's Country Club started with one man's idea. In this case, that man was Charles “Chuck” Kofmehl, but he understood that so much was needed to turn this idea into what it could become. It would take planning, funding and plain old hard work from an army of volunteers to move from dream to concept and then reality.

In the summer of 1965, Kofmeohl approached Pat Forristal with the thought of building a golf course in Holstein. Forristal was an easy sell on the concept, but it was not easy to overlook all the obstacles in their path. They would need land, money, labor and community support. They recruited Lloyd Boothby into the mix and, together, they started creating a possible dream.

A number of potential locations were considered, including a site several miles north of town that would be shared with Cherokee. In the end, however, they felt it best to find a base in Holstein and, eventually, Albert Kastner agreed to sell them 76 acres on a 10-year contract at a favorable interest rate.

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