IG council considers sale of west access land, appoints Jared Bogue to Ward II post

The Ida Grove City Council discussed the possibility of selling 70 acres of land the city owns west of town and appointed Jared Bogue to the Ward II council post May 6.

Councilman Ryan Goodman asked the council to consider selling 70 acres of land the city owns west of town that is being considered for future development and placement of a west access road into the community.

“I don’t see us (city) being able to develop the area in the foreseeable future,” said Goodman. “With all the projects we need to work on, we won’t be able to afford the west access and development of the property for several years. Selling the land may help with our finances and might be beneficial to the city.”

Goodman said building a bridge for a west access and developing the land with streets, water and sewer lines could cost the city $10 million. “We just don’t have the money to do it,” said Goodman.

Mayor Devlun Whiteing said his concern with selling the land is the loss the city would incur. According to a news story in the Dec. 2, 2014, edition of the Ida County Courier, the city purchased the 70 acres of land for $820,000 or $11,714 per acre. One rough appraisal the council cited May 6 puts the current value at around $8,500 per acre.

“We may be better off to wait and see if land prices start to go back up,” said Whiteing.

Goodman noted he isn’t sure selling the land is the “right thing to do,” but it is something the council should look into.

See the full story in the May 15 edition of the Ida County Courier or subscribe online for instant access.