OABCIG facilities committee discusses bond referendum vote

The 2017-18 OABCIG Facilities Committee met Oct. 17 at 5 p.m. at O-A/BC-IG High School in Carol Sadler’s classroom.

Committee members present:Stephanie Fleenor, David Petersen, Roger Walter, Chris Boyle, Vonnie Wareham, Whitney Simonson, Ann Holst, Doug Mogensen, Kathy Leonard, Alan Henderson and Terry Kenealy.

Board members present:Stephanie Konradi (BC-IG and OABCIG), Crystal Endrulat (BC-IG and OABCIG), Jeff Rasmussen (BC-IG and OABCIG), Tony Bennett (BC-IG and OABCIG) and Trisha Winger (O-A).

Representatives from HAILA ASP, Ltd: Sam Stagg and Chad West. Representative from Estes Construction - ICAT: Paul Neuharth.

The committee members and board members present reviewed the results of the Sept. 12, general obligation bond referendum.

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