Ridge View state archery

Ridge View state archery: Several members of the Ridge View High School 3D and bullseye archery squad and one member of the middle school team qualified for state archery competition this year. State competition will not be live and in person this year in Des Moines as it has been in the past. Ridge View’s archers shot in Sergeant Bluff Saturday, March 6. Scores will be sent in to the state. Once all schools have shot, which will take the entire month of March, and all scores are tallied, winners will be announced. With the competition being a month long event it will be quite some time before the final results are posted. Qualifiers in the bullseye tournament (top photo) are, front from left, Daynia Werner, Kierstin Volkert, Hannah Yockey, Taylor Hamrick, Cora Devitt, Tess Pacza and Kinzie Hagen. Second row from left, Erica Taylor, Matthew Forristal, Aiden Deitering, Tyhler Kolpin, Caden Biede, Brody Deitering, Ben Spina, Logan Pickhinke, Cameron Spina and Alexis Turnquist. Back row from left, Jeannie Arthur, Adrian Altena, Owen Brent, Griffin Lukins, Lakota Altena and Jacob Schimmer. Qualifiers in the 3D tournament (below) are, from left, Owen Brent, Jeannie Arthur, Tyhler Kolpin, Caden Biede, Matthew Forristal, Hannah Yockey, Taylor Hamrick, Daynia Werner, Alexis Turnquist, Cameron Spina, Ben Spina and Griffin Lukins. The lone middle school bullseye qualifier (left) is Jose Ramirez Escobar. 


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