Singletree Emporium offers vintage, antique, repurposed items

Singletree Emporium in Arthur opened its doors Sept. 2 and 4. The business is a dream Rachel Masters has had for a long time and is located in the former Aunt B’s restaurant.

Masters said, “I’ve always loved old things and have wished for the time or money to indulge my hobby. It started when I was at my Grandpa Russell’s auction and saw some cherished items on the front lawn. I wanted to buy them for myself, so I got permission from my dad to bid on them and I won all of the ones I bid on.

“While living in Arkansas, my husband, Darren, and I had a huge house, and I loved looking for antiques, vintage and repurposed items to fill it. Then, we started our family and the next years found me busy raising and home schooling our six kids."

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