Supervisors receive road, traffic complaints

The Ida County Board of Supervisors met June 28 to hear road condition concerns from a citizen.

Joan Wiese voiced her issues with road conditions and the increased traffic from Iowa Select Pork on the road that goes past her residence. “On a scale of one to 10,” Wiese said, “I’d give them a minus five.”

Wiese told the board the road isn’t being maintained. She gave an example from February when, after a blizzard late in the month, they didn’t see a maintainer on their road for 10 days.

She said she has also been trying to encourge someone to contact the Iowa Select Pork traffic to take Eagle Avenue, a paved road, rather than the gravel by her home. Wiese told the board there was so much truck traffic on the road last year that there was mud in her dehumidifier.

Wiese suggested to the board that perhaps they could put a weight limit on the road as they do for bridges. County engineer Jeff Williams said they could embargo the road for 90 days; however, there is no plan to do so.

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