TAG hosts family night

The O-A Elementary and O-A/BC-IG Middle School Talented And Gifted (TAG) program held their family challenge night March 1. The goal of family challenge night is for families to participate in an engineering design challenge and a breakout room.  

Students also had a chance to share about the talented and gifted program. Instructor Missy Jensen and the eighth grade TAG students ran the program. 

This year, there were three rotations:  a bucket tower challenge, a breakout room and sharing/trivia game. All activities were STEM-related. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  STEM activities create critical thinkers and encourage innovation.  

At the end of the night, all 50 families gathered in the gym to award those who had been the most successful at the challenges. The top trivia winners were the Ruth Clark family, Jordyn Loger family and Carson Sharkey family.

The most successful breakout room record was set by the Aubree Zimmerman family and Evan Van Houten family. All families had a great time cooperating and working together to achieve their goals.