Take Back Our Community group addresses Ida Grove Council


The Ida Grove City Council received a petition from Citizens for Taking Back Our Community Sept. 8, asking the council to take several steps toward addressing the increase in drug and criminal activity in the community. 

Ange Johnson, who is spearheading the citizen group, presented the petition to the council, which states in part, “There has been a surge and uptake in criminal activity and drug activity in our community. The incidents are happening in our backyards, next to our homes, next to where we sleep and where we are suppose to find comfort and security. 

“Our children are no longer safe outside after dark or unsupervised. We are unable to enjoy the quiet and serenity of our own personal spaces. We have random persons walking through our yards and next to our homes, garages and personal property. We are no longer able to open a garage door while working outside in our yards, for fear of turning our back and having our personal possessions stolen, only to be sold for drugs in the community.

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