Birth Announcement

Price: No Photo - Free 

Announcements in the paper look like mini articles, have no border around them, and no signature.  They are not used to get the word about open houses or card showers.  Any reader submission to the paper that the reader would like to "sign" ("Happy anniversary, grandma and grandpa!  Love, your family") is also an advertisment and not an announcement.  If you would like to place an ad rather than an announcement, please call the office at 712-364-3131.

Once this form is completed, you will be directed to our checkout for payment.  If you are submitting a no photo free announcement, you will be taken through the checkout process but not charged.

If you'd like a photo with your birth announement, we classify that as technically an ad, so please contact the office at 712-364-3131 to arrange publication.  

Thank you!

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